• Dr. Gary D. Prant, DPM

What I Am - and What I'm Not

When I started practice I wore a white jacket and a tie every day. Now I wear scrubs every day. Scrubs are more comfortable, practical and don’t transmit germs nearly as often as rarely washed neckties. (I was horrified when I read a British study about how many germs are on neckties!)

Since I finished my residency over 30 years ago, I was not trained in extensive reconstructive foot surgery. And because I saw so little need for extensive reconstructive foot surgery, I concentrated on the problems bothering my patients. I became Board Certified in Foot Surgery and mastered those procedures that solved my patients most common problems. For rare and complex problems I learned who had the special expertise to do a great job for my patients. Since relocating to Albuquerque from Austin I have retired from foot surgery. Having had an extensive background in surgery is still extremely valuable because I can counsel patients whether surgery would be helpful. Also from long experience, I have learned when surgical treatment would not be the best choice.

I do a lot of work with shoe inserts and orthotics. We have an over-the-counter shoe insert which I mold to peoples feet. Lots of people tell me they feel better than expensive custom orthotics!

Of course I make great custom orthotics and I also do all the orthotic adjustments in our office lab. I enjoy working with orthotics and making them work right.

Podiatrists are the masters of the toenail and lasers are amazing tools to work on toenails! I have used a laser for many years for ingrown toenails find this is less painful and is the most effective way of treating ingrown toenails. I also have new ways of treating fungus toenails that are pain free and don’t use medications that can damage your liver. Also whenever you come in for any toenail problem as a courtesy I cut all your toenails and smooth them off. I think that preventing future toenail and foot problems is worth the effort !

The one problem we see most often is heel pain or “planter fasciitis.” I have a very basic philosophy in treating heel pain which emphasizes getting to the cause of the problem without surgery or painful invasive treatments. I do a lot of mechanical work such as taping the foot, stretching, foot manipulation and night splints. I show you how to tape your foot (also please watch my YouTube video on how to tape your foot). If you need an injection – I have a way of doing it that is practically painless. My philosophy is that rarely does heel pain need surgery!

Getting rid of the necktie was just one of many changes in the past thirty years. My commitment to providing the best, cutting edge care for my patients’ has not changed at all!