• Dr. Gary D. Prant, DPM

When you need more than a pedicurist - but less than a surgeon

How many times have you had a foot problem that required more than a pedicure but you did not need or want surgery? That’s where I can help!

I specialize in nonsurgical professional podiatric footcare. If you are suffering with a painful toenail or even long and thick toenails or if you are a diabetic and it is dangerous for you to cut your toenails - I’m your guy! If you have painful calluses or any type of pain in your foot that does not require surgery (which is really most types of foot pain) I can help you get comfortable feet.

Sometimes your foot needs an adjustment almost like a chiropractic adjustment and I have special training in doing those type of foot manipulations. I also have years of experience making insoles for your shoes that you will love and won’t break the bank.

I treat almost everything to do with toenails, corns and calluses and general foot pain. Years ago I did surgery and was board certified in surgery. Now I love giving people comfortable feet quickly, easily, and without surgery.

Make an appointment at ABQ podiatry, call 505-299-4487 . I will make your feet and toenails comfortable and give you a complementary foot massage. Please don’t ask me to paint your toenails or do surgery!

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